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hibu Design Service will give you a beautiful site

Our team of experts will craft a stunning website to the needs and
character of your business. We’re so confident that you’ll love it, if
you decide within a week that you don’t we’ll give you a full refund!

Worth $799

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satisfaction one hundred percent guaranteed

Here’s what else you get in the Premium Website Packages:

Premium Websites

Websites Premium inc. domain and hosting

Our top tier hibu Website will make sure you’re Google-optimized and looking good on all devices. With unlimited pages and all the tools you need to take your business to the next level online.

Worth $29.99 per month
website updates

Assist: we’ll make your updates for you

Assist gives you access to our designers for two website updates a month, four new pages a year and a full redesign every two years! Make sure your business looks current and contemporary.

Worth $49.99 per month
video production

Video: engage your customers

A hibu promotional video will express the value and personality of your business. Produced by us to your specifications, hosted on YouTube with unlimited updates and an annual refresh.

Worth $39.99 per month

Wave: be seen everywhere that matters

Boost your visibility and wave across the web. We’ll create your Facebook page, help get you maximum brand exposure and look after your listings on Google+ and hundreds of directories.

Worth $49.99 per month

Select your package:

Package Onewith all products
Package Twowithout Video
Package Threewithout Assist
Design Service $799 /one-time
$599 /one-time
$649 /one-time $649 /one-time
Websites Premium $29.99 /month
$19.99 /month
$19.99 /month $19.99 /month
Wave $49.99 /month
$29.99 /month
$29.99 /month $29.99 /month
Assist $49.99 /month
$29.99 /month
$29.99 /month n/a
Video $39.99 /month
$19.99 /month
n/a $19.99 /month
Saving over 12 months
$750 $750
Total Cost
$599 upfront + $99.96 /mo
$649 upfront + $79.97 /mo $649 upfront + $69.97 /mo
telephone device
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