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This page contains all the legal information you need when you visit our site, buy something or use our trial services.

Using Our Website

Advertising Policy
Defamation, Copyright and Trademark Infringement Policy

Buying our Services (including any Trial Services but excluding Open to Export Products or Services)
These terms apply when you buy any of our services (including any trial services but excluding Open to Export Products and Services):

In addition to the above General Terms, there are also Service Terms applicable to the specific services you buy or trial. Please click on the link relevant to the services you’ve bought or chosen to trial to view the Service Terms:

When you register a domain name as part of the following services: (i) Domain Name, (ii) Website or (iii) Online Stores you will also need to agree to the following in relation to each domain name we register on your behalf:

Buying our Open to Export Service

These terms apply when you buy our Open to Export service:



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