About Us

What we do

We are in the business of helping small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) be found by consumers. How we do that continues to advance with technology. Our global resources help give local business a competitive edge in finding customers in a fast changing world.

Our core purpose has always been to help SMBs be found by consumers looking for specific products and services in their locality.

Our origins lie in our iconic printed directory products. We then began to build out new products and services, such as directory assistance, through utilizing other channels and new technology.

We have now developed a full range of digital media, which started with the introduction of digital directories, available to consumers through desktop, smartphone and other devices.

We offer businesses high quality marketing solutions underpinned by leading edge technology. 

Fundamental to SMBs is their online presence and we offer them websites that are eye-catching, simple to use and designed to work effectively within internet search engines.

A growing and significant amount of local search is now on a mobile phone. In fact, a US study reveals that almost half of local searches are made that way*, however many SMBs’ websites are not optimized for viewing on a mobile device.  Our websites are though, making it easier for consumers to find key information on the products and services they are looking for.

Our other digital solutions include search engine marketing and display advertising campaigns, both of which help bring consumers to our SMB customers’ websites. To maximize the potential of our search marketing product we have established  partner relationships with, for example, Google, where we are a Google AdWords Premier SME partner, or equivalent, in all of our key markets. Our partner websites for display advertising campaigns include eBay, YouTube, AOL and Facebook.

Geographic operations

hibu operates with a range of brands internationally, with customer facing and product brands appropriate for each of our geographies.

In the US, Argentina, Chile and Peru, our customer facing brand is hibu, supporting our digital web, search and display products. Our print and digital directories all retain their existing identities in these countries.

In the UK, we operate under the customer facing Yell brand, drawing on the heritage of our Yell.com and Yellow Pages products and the affection consumers and our customers have had for them over a number of years. Our important hibu digital products range includes websites, search and display products.

In Spain, our customer facing and product brands – including our digital, print and iYP products and services – all carry the Páginas Amarillas identity and mark.

How do we create and sustain value?

hibu helps merchants get found and be chosen by showcasing their business information across a range of media in the best fit for their marketing and transacting needs. The many leads we provide to businesses are an indication that consumers are finding local businesses and making purchase decisions – a critical role in any economy.

We prove our value, by providing statistics on call volumes and web clicks, helping our customers assess their marketing leads.

Products and Services

We help SMBs compete in the digital world with a broad range of online marketing solutions and websites. As a premier directories provider, we also offer a complete portfolio of print and distribution-based marketing services. We market our solutions in the US, UK, Spain, Argentina, Chile and Peru, and we also have operations in India and the Philippines.

Digital solutions

- hibu Websites

We help SMBs achieve a professional presence online with build-it-for-me and build-and-manage-it-for-me options. Businesses can switch between these options whenever they wish, and those opting for the build-it-for-me product will still be able to make small changes themselves.

hibu Websites are automatically optimized for viewing on all kinds of digital devices, whether it is a smartphone, tablet or computer. An optional extra is hibu Wave, a service that creates business pages on Facebook and Twitter and profiles across hundreds of search engines, directories and social media sites across the Web.

All hibu Websites are created using search engine optimization (SEO) best practice helping our customers increase their visibility, presence and reach on the major search engines  and helping them to manage their reputation online.

- Digital directories

Our principle digital directories are Yellowbook.com (US), Yell.com (in the UK), Paginasamarillas.es (Spain), Paginasamarillas.com.ar (Argentina), Amarillas.cl (Chile) and Paginasamarillas.pe (Peru). These directories give businesses additional facilities to increase content and online presence whilst ensuring flexibility to suit budget and scale.

Our digital directories are also available on mobile. We have state of the art applications that offer more than a search function, with additional facilities such as reviews, delivering an optimal consumer experience on the go.

- Traffic generation

Our search marketing and display advertising products help drive traffic to our customers’ websites.

We work with key search providers around the world to help our SMBs connect with a rich source of consumers and get the most out of search marketing and pay per click. We can fully manage the whole process for our SMBs, which can be complex and time consuming.

Additionally, through our online display product, we put our SMBs’ online advertisements on our partners’ websites, increasing presence and reach.

Print solutions

- Yellow pages directories

Our business-to-consumer yellow pages directories feature classified advertising through a range of advertisement types. Businesses pay for advertisements based on size, color and artwork ranging from a black and white quarter column advert to a full page color spread. We can also provide dedicated phone lines, enabling our advertisers to see when business leads have come from our yellow pages directories.

Our yellow pages directory brands include Yellow Book in the US, Yellow Pages in the UK, Páginas Amarillas in Spain, Argentina and Peru and Las Amarillas de Publiguías in Chile.

- White pages directories

Our white pages directories, produced in four of our territories, are directories that alphabetically list all the telephone numbers for companies and individuals in the directory coverage area. They are a useful tool for quick reference for consumers who know whose number they require, or which business they wish to contact.

Other products

- Directory assistance

We provide telephone based information services that serve consumers seeking information on businesses and services over the phone. For consumers seeking information on the go, or without access to our online products, this is an alternate solution.

We provide directory assistance services in the UK (118 24 7**), Spain (11888) and Chile (007).

Find out more

You can find more information about our products and services at hibu.com from the US. from the UK at business.yell.com, from Spain at hibu.es, from Argentina at hibu.com.ar, from Chile at hibu.cl and from Peru at hibu.pe. SMBs can also access their accounts, review product performance and, in the US and UK, utilize a wealth of useful business tips and information in our Knowledge Centers.

* BIA/ Kelsey

** Calls cost £1.83 per minute with a £1.53 connection charge from most landlines. Network charges vary. Mobiles will cost considerably more. Rates correct as of June 2014. Texts to 118 24 7 charged at standard network rates, replies cost £1.50 per text. Customer service 0800 555 444.

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